The Manor de Blair Photos A.S. XXXVI
(May 2001 - April 2002)

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WAR OF THE ROSES - Barony of Concordia of the Snows, Kingdom of the East
May 25-27, 2001

Alheydis tends to the weekend victuals.

Tashi, back when she was Anglo-Saxon, and brother Everard.

Jan looking fierce.

Everard and the rest enjoy the fire!

Alheydis and Maria, and two bottles of champagne...

Gyles with Everard and Colyn.

Colyn and Alice looking sweet.

Ciáran stays away from the rain...
HARVEST RAID - Shire of Heronter
September 28-30, 2001

Alice makes new friends!

A most beautiful hall for court.

Waiting patiently for court.

Ciáran makes a new friend too!

The entire Familie de Blair.

Ah... feast at last!

Colyn, Tashi and Jan.
STERLYNGE SCHOLA - Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
November 10, 2001

Ciáran makes an earthenware fask...

Everard dons armor...

...under the tutelage of Mistress Honnoria. defend his king!
TWELFTH NIGHT - Barony of the Rhydderich Hael
Januray 12, 2002

Alheydis sits in with the musicians of The Rhydderich Hael.

Maria at one of her first events.

Oooohhhh... tenor!

Afterall, it IS a masked ball!
AL-HAFLA - Shire of Nithgaard
Januray 26, 2002
Ciáran studies Saudi Arabia for a school prject...

The nice merchant lady! Ciáran bought jewelry and a kohl bottle.

In the afternoon, the people rest and relax.

Soon, it's time for feast!

Mimi Spencer, all the way from the West Kingdom!

...and al-Hafla is the perfect learning experience!

Ciáran helps in the kitchen... the beginning of a long association with SCA kitchens!

Her Highness Elina enjoys henna painting, while Tashi serves as retainer.


Then the music begins!

SPRING CORONATION - Barony of Endless Hills
April 6, 2002

April 27, 2002

Alheydis and Gyles on their wedding anniversary!

Not to be Blatantly Obvious....

Gyles soaks up the sun...
...and then tries thrown weapons for the first time.

but THIS is Commedia dell'Arte!