Gyles de Blair

yles was born on the Feast of the Visitation in the year of our Lord 1264 at the manor house of Blair, southern Scotland. He hasn't decided on what his life was like, but I can tell you this...

In the year 1283, he was performing as a court musician at a feast given by the Graf of Oettingen in the heart of the far-off Holy Roman Empire. While there, he met, and quite instantly fell in love with, a young girl from a nearby village named Alheydis. With her father's somewhat reluctant blessing, they were wed. Gyles and Alheydis travelled the courts of Europe for several years, entertaining the nobility at grand feast and tournaments. When Gyles's older brother died in battle without an heir, they settled on the Blair family lands in Scotland and entered agrarian life. They now have six children, numerous land holdings, and a dog named Magi.

Gyles's interests include:

Soap making
Crossbow and recurve bow