Lady Alheydis's Boke of Secrets

During the Middle Ages, the lady of a manor house was expected to be the manager of the household. She needed excellent management skills, and she needed to have a storehouse of knowledge about a wide variety of household tasks, including cookery, fishing, hunting, sewing, cord and lace making, and many others. Fortunately, many of these ladies kept private notebooks, into which they entered bits and pieces of knowledge, both for their own reference, and as a means of passing down their knowledge to their daughters.

In this on-line "Boke of Secrets," I hope to compile bits and pieces of knowledge that I've picked up on my journey as an artisan in the Society of Creative Anachronism. Much of it has been passed on to me from the many wonderful scribes and artisans of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, and here and there you will find some tricks I've hit upon on my own. (...though I doubt I was the first to do so!)

Fingerloop Braids